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Hi world, I'm Serena. Just about everything here is original. I hope it makes you smile or touches your heart or something of the sort.

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hello tumblr!
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people who manage to keep the same url/theme for more than a month are strong and inspiring and should not be messed with

same theme since I showed up here and I think one url change goin strong.

No see you all have it wrong. I’m flattered you think that but really it’s a combination of laziness and a profound lack of creativity and time.

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We are brainwashed
We are brainwashed to believe that we can think for ourselves
Think outside the box
Forever condemn Fox News
News is the thing that feeds our minds
Day in and day out
Feeding joy and feeding doubt
The way we find out
Who has died
Who has won
Who has lied
What’s been done
But it always ends with a gun
To someone’s head
Ideas, shot dead
They bleed into the gutters of our society
Satiating the dry throats
Of those scavengers that scour its sewers
Searching for remnants of the truth
Just to heat it
Mold it
Warp it
Coat it in paint and polish it
Polish it till it shines with a luster so shallow you’d crack your skull if you dove into it

And we are so passive
That I want to cry
And let my tears fall into those sewers
So oft scavenged
So that even if they are found by those afore mentioned scavengers of society
Some form of the truth will hit your ears
And the next time you hear Mitt Romney speak
Or have your will broken
By that irresistible mental slavery that incinerates original thought
You will feel my hot tears sliding down your cheeks
And know that truth abounds no matter its form
Ugly or beautiful
Sometimes ugly is the only form beauty left
So cherish it
Transform it
Make it yours
Make it belong to every single living human
Give them beauty to hold on to and shape into something unique
Give them hope
Give them will
Give them power
Give them love

And like me you will cry sometimes
But tears leave trails of truth
Let people walk your trails
And beautiful truth will find its way into the world

Your smile is like the first firefly to emerge into the dusk
It stands alone, shining bright.
Then dusk turns to night
And the others can’t help but follow.